• 1
    Can I buy ammunition at FMSC?

    No. All ammunition will be supplied by FMSC. Eley Hawk compostable and eco friendly lead ammos.

  • 2
    Can I take my shotgun to FMSC?

    Yes, on arrival to DXB airport the police and organizing team will manage your sporting firearm. It will be logged and transported to the shooting ground where it will stay for the duration of your stay for the competition. You will be able to collect it at the shooting ground and should hand it back before you leave the shooting ground. Firearms transport back on your flight will also be organized.

  • 3
    How do I get to the shooting ground when in Fujairah?

    Transport will be supplied from partner hotels to and from the shooting ground. Taxis are also available in other non partner hotels.

  • 4
    What are the prizes to be won at FMSC?

    Open Class                                                                                    

    1st $30000 2nd $25000 3rd $20000 4th $15000 5Th $12500 6th $10000 7th $9000 8th $8000 9th $7000 10th $6000   11th $5000 12th $4000   13th $3000 14th $2500 15th $2250 16th $2000 17th $1750 18th $1500 19th $1250 20th $1000 21st $1000 22nd $1000 23rd $1000 24th $ 1000 25th $1000 26th-35th $500                                                        

    In  Ladies, Juniors and Seniors Category                                      

    1st $10000 2nd $8000 3rd $7000 4th $5000 5th $4000 6th $3000 7th $2000 8th $1000 9th $750 10th $500    We have Flash clays on all layouts for instant wins.  Side events will also have prizes.  

  • 5
    What is FMSC?

    Fujairah Mountain Shooting Competition (FMSC) is a new shotgun sporting shooting competition set in the mountains of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  • 6
    What is the competition format at FMSC?

    The Competition will be a 200-target sporting course shot over three days, eight layouts. 25 targets on each layout. Old style sporting targets. Gun Position optional.

  • 7
    What is the cost of entry to FMSC?

    The Entry is $399 inlcuding ammunition ($199 for juniors). Including VAT. Paid online in advance.

  • 8
    What type of firearm?

    12 caliber shotgun

  • 9
    When can I enter FMSC?

    Enrollments are open since mid october and shall close once the enrollments reach 528.

  • 10
    When is FMSC?

    The dates are February 6-11, 2023, 6-7th Training, 8th Ceremony, 9-11th Main Competition.

  • 11
    Where do I fly to in the UAE?

    You must fly into Dubai (DXB) airports only for gun import logistics. This is where the police take charge of your sporting firearm for the competition.

  • 12
    Where do I stay for FMSC?

    Partnering 5 Star and 4 Star hotels are available on www.fmsc.ae with exclusive rates. Once the rates are booked you can still book directly with these hotels. These are the closest hotels to the shooting ground.

  • 13
    Where is FMSC?

    FMSC will be held in the mountains of Fujairah, Dibba, UAE.

  • 14
    Will there be food at FMSC?

    Yes local food available at very reasonable prices at the shooting ground. Free water for all competitors at the shooting ground.

  • 15
    Will there be side events at FMSC?

    We will have side events and prizes for all levels as well as flash clays. Team events and individual events for prizes in cash and non-monetary like trips abroad.