Gun Handling

  • Guns must always be in an unloaded condition when maneuvering.
  • Guns must be transported in a gun slip once removed from the fly case and in all areas including the championship shooting premises. Please carry a slip with you and If you do not have a slip you will have to purchase one on spot.
  • On arrival in Dubai International Airport (DXB), the organizers will take control of your gun, which will then be transferred to a secure holding at the shooting venue.
  • No cartridges or ammunition are allowed into the United Arab Emirates whatsoever. All ammunitions for the event will be provided by the organizers and must be shot during the event. No guns or ammunition will be allowed outside of the shooting premises.
  • Starter Numbers and shooting times will be distributed at the opening ceremony on Wednesday the 8th of February 2023 at the shooting venue.


Championship Shooting Conditions

  • Gun position optional.
  • There is no final. Shoot Offs will take place for the top 3 only in their category if tied on score, and then places will be decided on a count-back basis.
  • Should a shooter from either ladies, juniors or seniors amass a score that gets them into the top 3 in the open category, then they will automatically take that place and everyone in the category they were in will move up one spot.
  • Juniors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 whilst shooting on the training, side events and main event.
  • The Referee’s decision is final at all times. There will be a jury of appeal for a nonrefundable fee of $250 paid to FMSC.
  • In the event, a competitor has a ‘no target’ whilst shooting doubles, if the pair is thrown on report, the first target will be established, and if thrown simultaneously it will be scored ‘pair again, nothing established’.
  • There are random flash targets throughout the event, and anyone shooting one of these targets will be entitled to a special prize at the closing of the event. Their name and number will be noted by the referee.
  • The event will be shot over 8 x 25 target courses and the winner will be determined by the highest score amassed during the competition.


Attire Rules

  • Each competitor will receive a starter number which has to be visible to the referee on each stand. Folding or adjusting the starter number in any way can lead to your dismissal from the championship.
  • Eye and ear protection is compulsory for shooters and spectators, whilst in the shooting area and is their personal responsibility.


Transportation & Amenities

  • Transport will be provided to each layout. On some layouts it could take 10-15 minutes to get to the layout. Please make sure you are on time, the event will run based on the set scheduled time.
  • Transport will be arranged from ‘partner hotels’ on a continuous 20 minute loop basis to the shooting ground in the morning and afternoon courtesy of the event organizers.
  • Water will be provided throughout the event on each layout courtesy of the championship.
  • There will be food and beverages available during the day at the main marquee with special rates for participants, no alcohol is allowed in and won’t be served or consumed at the shooting ground during the duration of the event.